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Mothers tend to have a really deep connection with their children. Their relationship is unique and special and incomparable to anything else. And this is not only true for humans, but for our animal friends as well. For instance, take a look at the horse family featured below.

In this video, we get to see a gorgeous Belgian draft horse take care of her two newborn twin foals. Horse giving birth to twins is a rare occurrence. The little ones in the clip are only four days old. One of them is called Lisa and the other is Fien. A little girl approaches the family at one point to play with them. Belgian draft horses are famous for their friendliness and their strength. You are going to melt when you see her interaction with the trio.

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Many people think that animals don’t have any emotions. But that is not true at all. We have seen many examples before and the video below provides further proof that our animal friends do have feelings like us humans.

34 year old cowboy, Wagner Lima, from Paraiba, Brazil, died in a motorcycle accident this New Year. He was well-loved in his community and his death was hard for everyone, including his horse, Sereno. Sereno and Lima were best buds and were always seen together. According to Lima’s brother, Wando, “This horse was everything to him. It was as if the horse knew what was happening and wanted to say goodbye.” When the vehicle carrying Lima’s coffin arrived at the gathering, his horse somehow seemed to know he was in there. Sereno smelled around the casket and laid his head on top. He is said to have whimpered during the procession to the cemetery.

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The video below features an amazing advertisement from Budweiser. You might not have tasted the beer yet, but you must have definitely watched some of their commercials. They usually feature the world-popular Clydesdales in almost all of their ads. The clip given below is not an exception it seems.

This Super Bowl commercial has managed to melt many hearts since it was first released. The little foal in the clip is less than a year old, but he wants to help pull the Budweiser wagon with the older Clydesdales. So he decides to take charge and join in. But wait till you see what happens next. It will steal your heart for sure!

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There are lots of different breeds of horses on the planet and all of them are equally beautiful. But perhaps one of the most famous breeds is the Clydesdales. These gorgeous giants are known for their beauty and their grace, but they were made even more popular when they started featuring in commercials for Budweiser.

The video below features a Budweiser Christmas advert from 1987. The Budweiser Clydesdales have become an institution of their own, and a holiday season without them just doesn’t seem complete. That is why we went back to revisit this classic ad. Even though it aired almost 30 years ago, this commercial still manages to put us into the holiday spirit! I am sure many of you remember the music to this day!

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Christmas is right outside our door. Many people have already put out their decorations and their lights. Many of us have finished shopping for gifts, while some of us are just starting. However, the holiday season isn’t all about joy and cheer, but it is also about cold winter weather and freezing temperatures.

Jackie Rowberry, a trainer at Animal Dramatics, said she was worried about her horse, Daffy, getting a chill when he was outside. So to help keep Daffy warm, Rowberry bought him his own custom-made “foursie”. His pajamas will also help him get ready for the upcoming Christmas Racing Weekend that takes place in Berkshire. Race-goers got to the event wearing their most festive clothes. Rowberry didn’t want Daffy to feel left out.

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There are more than 200 different conditions that can cause dwarfism. It is a medical condition that stops your growth and it can affect your torso and also your limbs. It is not only common in human beings, but it can happen to animals as well. Just take for instance the cute little miniature horse featured in the following clip.

This lap-sized horse is three years old and he is named Acer. Dwarfism has caused him to be only 22 inches in height – which is very small for an animal that is normally around two feet tall. But Acer is not discouraged by his stature at all. In fact, his dwarfism has allowed him have experiences his larger counterparts never could! Wait till you hear his story!

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Horses are absolutely beautiful creatures. They are not only stunning to look at, but they are also known to be very strong as well as intelligent. Their aura always manages to leave their spectators in awe. There are many different types of horses in the world. The stallion featured in the video below is one of the most magnificent creatures I have ever seen.

This horse is a Gypsy Vanner and he is named Austin. For the past two decades, the popularity of this breed has seen a significant rise. They are the size of small draft horses, and are very gentle in nature. Their mane is probably one of their best features. Austin looks like he came straight out of some fantasy movie. He is going to drop your jaw for sure!

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The horse featured in the video below is one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen in my life. He is named Kambarbay and the video below shows him participating in the British Bred Sports Horse Stallion Parade Landrover Burghley International Horse Trials in 2016. Upon closer look, you will notice that the horse has an odd appearance. He is slim, slender, and he looks like he is sculpted out of gold. His coat is one of his best features without a doubt. He is an Akhal-Teke, a rare horse breed which originated in Turkmenistan.

Akhal-Tekes are found in Turkmenistan and Russia. They are highly athletic horses that are incredible in sports like racing, jumping, and dressage among others. Some of them are even found in the United States and Europe. Because of their golden coat they are usually often referred to as “golden horses”. The breed is known for its palomino, perlino, and cream coats. Akhal-Teke Association of America reports that there are three base coat colors: Red, Bay, and Black. The variations within each coat color can be truly stunning.

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Horseback riding looks enjoyable, but it’s not all fun and games. Just ask this poor rider. Everything seemed like it was going according to plan during this equestrian routine. But that’s when the horse decided to shock the crowd. The headstrong creature throws off his rider and continues on alone. He performed runs and jumps without anyone in the saddle.

This seems a bit strange to us, but as it turns out, it’s not so unusual at all. Horse Talk says that, “From a horse jumping enjoyment viewpoint, it is remarkable how many fallers and those who have unseated their riders continue. They often do so for several fences and even an entire circuit on occasion.” Maybe this horse thought his rider was just slowing him down! Who knows what he might have been thinking at that moment!

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It has been said that what goes around comes around. If you do good, it will come back to you. Same goes for bad deeds too. If you chose to do bad things, sooner or later you get what is coming for you. The lady in the following video certainly learned her lesson. When she went out to slap a police horse in public, karma taught her a lesson she’d never forget.

The police were marching down the road on horseback for the Queen’s University Homecoming in Kingston, Ontario. Out of nowhere, a woman ran out to the officers and slapped one of the horses’ behinds. But the horse wasn’t having any her tricks. He immediately kicked her, almost like a knee-jerk reaction! Well, that is what you get for hassling a horse, especially on that is on duty!

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Horses are one of the most gorgeous things on the planet. When we picture them in our heads, we see big and strong creatures effortlessly gliding through fields with the winds running through their mane. But not all horses look like that. Some horses are not big at all. Just take for example the tiny cutie featured in the video below.

This small girl is quickly becoming an internet sensation thanks to this clip. Sterling Bartow was in the barn when a miniature horse started following him. The adorable baby horse silently struts behind her human friend and it is the cutest thing ever. You are going to be in disbelief when you see how small she is compared to a dog at the end of the video!

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Horses are some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. Their graceful movements, stunning mane and beautiful eyes are soothing to watch. Horses running across an open space are a sight that can improve anyone’s mood. They just look so wild and free that they make your heart race along with their hooves!

This video shows a huge herd of 51 horses, running across a lush meadow. All of them make their way down a small hill and it is simply breathtaking to watch. The intense sound their hooves make really jolts you awake, doesn’t it? They sure look happy, running freely, as any animal should be. The person who took this video is pretty lucky to have witnessed something like this first hand!

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When we think of wild horses, we always imagine gorgeous and strong creatures running through dense fields with no care in the world. But sadly, this is not always the case. Just like other animals, horses also fall prey to rough patches in life. That’s what happened to this little black and white pony featured in the video below!

This little guy is called Buggy. He was discovered in a field in West Yorkshire with three other horses by a woman called Chloe Atkins. She immediately contacted World Horse Welfare after she realized he was in need of desperate help. When Buggy was found by World Horse Welfare field officer, Sarah Tucker, he was in a very bad state. He was being eaten alive by maggots and was nearly unable to stand by himself. Sarah rescued him and he is on his way to recovery. The video below features him meeting with Chloe once again.

Warning: The clip below contains some graphic images.

Stacy Westfall has an incredible horsemanship skill. This has earned her multiple reining championship titles as well. What is even more amazing is the fact that she can even ride bridleless! Her bridleless and bareback techniques make her performances unique and captivating. Take for example the routine featured below!

Stacy Westfall and her horse, Vaquero, won the 2011 All American Quarter Horse Congress Freestyle with the highest score yet. She began riding at the age of six and that’s when she noticed that she had a talent in training horses. She graduated from the University of Findlay with a degree in equestrian studies, and then began a successful horse training career.

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The Belgian draft horse featured in this post is called Arthur. He spent most of his life as a work horse in a farming community in New England. But they discarded him when he turned 30 years old. The poor animal went from auction to auction and dealer to dealer after that.


Arthur met a horse called Max during his journey. These new friends started becoming very close to one another. Both of them were headed to a high-kill auction in New Holland, when the founder of Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary in Tennessee, Cindy Daigre, stepped in to save them.


Cindy chanced upon the horses on a website where they were being brokered out. She saw their emaciated state. The poor horses were in a really bad shape and she knew she had to do something to rescue them out of there.


Daigre says, “I was told that Arthur was purposely starved while waiting to go to the next auction, and the man that had him, often sold thin old horses for meat to the “cat man” with exotic cats. I was horrified.” But thankfully, she was able to hire a transporter and get both of the horses to her sanctuary with some help from other people.


The horses were safe, but Daigre knew they still had a long way to recover. Arthur was really skinny and weak. The poor thing couldn’t even stand up by himself. He was worn out and he would just lie on the ground with no appetite for food or fun.


But in time, Arthur started adjusting and settling into the sanctuary. He started to eat and he began to grow stronger every day. However, recovery wasn’t easy for Max. He still had a long way to go.


According to Daigre, Max has a back injury with neurological issues as well as feet issues. He also has scars all over his body due to all the past abuse he faced. She says, “He was physically abused and was so full of fear upon arrival and had no use for people. He was actually dangerous to work with.”


Working with Arthur and Max was a challenge, but Cindy didn’t give up on them. After a year of the rescue, Max started having some drastic improvements. It’s been two years now since their rescue, and both of the horses are healthy, strong, and sweet.


Arthur also has a long, beautiful mane which is braid during the summer time in order to keep him cool. Arthur and Max are still best friends and they love spending time with one another. Daigre says, “They have a friendship formed through tragedy and then compassion”.


To keep with their journey visit their sanctuary’s Facebook page.


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A group of cyclists in France were out riding when they spotted an animal struggling on the side of the road in a deep bog. When they went near, they saw that it was a horse. It is unclear how long the horse had been stuck in that ditch. But as time passed, he was apparently getting more and more tired.

The horse seemed to be getting into an even desperate situation every time he struggled against the bog. The cyclists decided they couldn’t leave him behind. The horse probably would have died if it wasn’t for their intrusion. They tied the horse with as much rope as they could find and pulled on him till he was he was finally free. Thankfully, the horse had no major injuries after he got saved.

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The floods in Louisiana and Texas have destroyed millions worth of property. Not only that, they have ruined and taken many lives as well. The rising waters have mostly victimized family pets. Initial reports had no warning that the waters would reach to such a high line, thus forcing many people to leave their animals behind due to the circumstances.

When the water started to rise, many horses were still tied to their posts. The poor creatures could hardly keep their heads above the floodwaters. They were swept away and they were not only cold but also very fatigued. Fortunately, a group of kind humans stepped up to rescue them. Their beautiful gesture will touch your heart for sure.

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The clip featured below has collected around 3 million views since it was uploaded on Facebook a week ago. And I am not really surprised. In the video, a group of wild ponies invade a beach full of unsuspecting people. Assateague Island is the remote barrier island located between Virginia and Maryland, and it’s home to almost 300 wild horses. Wild ponies have roamed this island for centuries.

Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company manages the Virginia herd. The herd grazes mainly on the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, and from time to time, they end up surprising unwary tourists. People are warned not to feed and pet them because the horses could get sick from eating processed human food.

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