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Not all heroes wear capes, and the man featured in the video below proves the statement. He is named Nelson Wilson and this elderly gentleman is getting pretty popular on the internet because of what he did in the clip. Wait till you see this!

Wilson started his New Year by feeding his lovely horses. But that’s when he noticed a solitary finch perched upon a steel fence right by the water tank. The bird wasn’t moving, so he went up to inspect. Then he saw that the little thing had gotten his feet wet and had stuck himself on the fence. In the near zero Idaho temperature, it didn’t take much time for his feet to get frozen. Wilson then freed the bird by warming his feet with his breath. It is amazing to see the bird finally fly off. The man says it was “a delightful way to start a new year”.

Watch this incredible rescue below:

Many animals are abandoned every day in the world. Some of them get rescued before its too late, but some of them aren’t very lucky in that regard. The dog in the video below was put up for euthanasia because he was deemed to be in a condition that made him “unadoptable” to the public. Thankfully, a local rescue group ran to his aid, moments before he was about to be killed.

Rudy was found last year on Christmas. He was neglected and abused most of his life. It was clear that he had been beaten. He was sick and frightened of everything, and his hip was destroyed because of all the mistreatment he went through. But he got a second chance at life when he got rescued from the killing shelter. The video below collected lots of donations thanks to which Rudy got a total hip replacement. His medical foster parents have decided to adopt him permanently. He also has six other siblings to play with now!

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Many innocent animals have suffered because of the negligence and ignorance of the human race. The way we pollute the environment is inadvertently destroying everything around us. We have seen many instances regarding this subject before. Even the smallest mistake you do can ruin someone else’s life.

In this video, we get to see an example. Someone tossed a can carelessly outside. But sadly, a tiny cub ended up getting trapped because of this human’s fault. Thankfully, a kind stranger heard the creature screaming in his backyard. He rushed to the scene and saw the cub’s head stuck in the can. He helped the little fellow out and the response he got from the cub is really very adorable. Make sure you crush cans when you dispose them.

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Many animals are euthanized because of the conditions they are born with. Casper was going to be one of them. This pure white Siberian husky puppy was born with swimmer syndrome, a condition that makes it almost impossible for a dog to walk or even stand. He came from a breeder who did not know how to care for his condition and was mere moments away from being put down.

Thankfully, that’s when Coastal German Shepherd Rescue decided to take charge and rescue him. They contacted an animal therapist and acuscope biotechnician called Gina. She brought him to a vet who suggested they should euthanize him. But Gina took the pooch home and started treatment herself. He was moving around by day 5 and he was able to run around like a normal puppy by day 10. Casper was adopted shortly after by a young man.

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Valia Orfanidou received a call about an abandoned dog one day. The poor thing was tied to a tree and was in need of immediate help. Valia rescues animals from unsafe and risky conditions in Athens, Greece. But even she was shocked when she saw Tool.

This pooch was found abandoned in the mountains. He was tied to a tree so that he could not follow his owner. He was in a very bad state when Valia found him. He was confused, frail, and emaciated. But thankfully, he had a microchip on him. Valia found out that Tool had been given to a new owner, a hunter. The cruel guy left him alone after he formed a limp and was no use during his hunting trips. The dog was adopted very quickly after his rescue. He lives happily with his owner, Lone.

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In many parts of rural Ethiopia, women live in constant danger of being abducted, raped, or forced into marriages. Almost 70% of marriages in the country are forced by abduction. Kidnapping young girls has been a deep-rooted marriage “custom”. This is usually experienced in rural and poverty-stricken areas where most of the nation’s 71 million people reside.

A 12 year old kid was abducted and beaten by seven men in the name of marriage. She had been missing for an entire week and her family was really anxious and worried. The cops were searching for her, but they couldn’t find anything. That’s when the story takes an unbelievable turn. Three wild lions decided to take charge and save the young girl themselves.


When the officers found her on the outskirts of a place called Bita Genet, they saw that she was beaten and hurt. She was also being protected by three big lions and are also believed to have chased off her captors.
Sgt. Wodnimu Wedajo of the police force says that “They stood guard until we found her and then they just left her like a gift and went back into the forest.”


According to wildlife expert, Stuart Williams, the little girl’s crying might have saved her life.

“A young girl whimpering could be mistaken for the mewing sound from a lion cub, which in turn could explain why they didn’t eat her.”


The town thinks that this incident is a miracle.

“Everyone thinks this is some kind of miracle, because normally the lions would attack people.

This might have been divine intervention or just coincidence, but it surely is very fascinating. The police found four of the men involved in the crime, while the others are still being hunted.

( h/t: NBC News )

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Dogs are social animals. They love befriending everyone! That is why they need constant interaction with humans and other animals. But sadly, the dog in the video below lived in isolation for 10 long years. To make matters worse, her owners gave her nothing but dirty water and food. She had no blankets, toys, or even a bone.

She had no roof over her head. She had to endure harsh weathers out in the open. Her owners were even caught urinating on her from the porch. The British Columbia SPCA were informed about her condition since the past ten years, but they didn’t do anything to help her. That’s when Animal Advocates of British Columbia stepped in to rescue the poor thing. She had matted fur, was covered in feces and urine, and could barely walk because of her aching hips. They gave her medical treatment and helped change her life. She has now been adopted by a loving family.

Watch her story below:

When this couple was walking down a road, they saw a cat sitting alone in the snow. His whiskers were frozen and the poor thing wasn’t really moving. So they went closer to find out what the problem was. They came to realize that not only were his whiskers frozen, but his entire body was iced up. He was frozen into a puddle and this made him incapable of moving around.

They immediately rushed to help the poor cat instead of leaving him alone. If they had abandoned him, he would surely have died of hypothermia. When they tried to lift the cat up, they noticed that his paws were frozen. The scared cat was patient as he let them do whatever they could to save him. The couple then got a bucket of warm water and poured it over his legs. After he was unstuck, they wrapped him in a coat in hopes of warming him up. Let’s hope he makes a quick recovery!

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The adorable pug featured in the video below is named Bella. When she broke her elbow one day, her family took her to a veterinarian and he managed to fix it. But he told them to keep her confined, keeping the pressure/weight off that limb. However, the family didn’t follow his instructions for some reason and Bella ended up breaking her elbow again. Sometime later, her other elbow broke too, so the vet decided to keep her at the hospital to give her a chance to heal properly.

Sadly, it was revealed that the elbows were irreparably damaged. Bella needed a double amputation, but her family didn’t give their consent. They didn’t relinquish Bella to the hospital either. Despite being in the hospital for nine months, the veterinarians could do nothing for Bella because they didn’t have permission to work on her. But a lot has changed since then in this six year old pooch’s life.

Watch the video below to find out:

The video below shares a footage that was captured via a dash cam of a hunter’s car. This guy was driving along in Warrenton, Georgia when he spotted something out of the ordinary on the side of the road. He saw a motionless buck and he noticed that the poor thing had gotten its hoof tangled in a fence. So this hunter got out of his car and did something no one would expect him to do.

According to him, the deer hadn’t sustained much injury. He freed him before the animal managed to get tangled further and hurt his leg more. He writes in the video description, “I was fortunate enough to find this little button buck stuck in a fence with his back leg entangled. Luckily, his leg had not suffered too much damage, and I was able to free him before any more damage could happen.”

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There are many different kinds of people on our planet. Some of them are really wonderful, while others are quite similar to monsters rather than humans. It was one of these people that dumped a newborn baby on the unforgiving streets of Oman.

A stray dog came across the poor baby while searching for food. Because he was so hungry, he picked up the baby. Since the infant still had the umbilical cord attached to its body, it was assumed that it was just a few hours old.


He was hungry, but he didn’t pick up the baby in order to eat it. The dog actually wanted to help the newborn and get it out of the streets and into the safety of a home. He carried the infant to the closest house and then he started barking to get attention.


The family living in the house opened their door when they heard loud barks from their porch. When they saw what the dog had brought along with him, they were in shock. They wasted no time and took the baby to the hospital. Thanks to their help and the dog’s loving heart, the baby survived. The dog played a huge role in the newborn’s rescue.

Many people tend to mistreat strays. They are neglected and abused for the stupidest reasons. But this dog shows us that they deserve nothing but love from us. What a hero!

( h/t: Pets Fans )

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Wild animals don’t mingle with humans for a reason. But we have a bad habit of trapping and capturing them. People trap wild animals for various intentions – sometimes it’s for the money, sometimes it’s for fur, while other times it’s for their own twisted form of entertainment. The video below was posted by John Oens. It features him trapping and releasing a timber wolf in central Wisconsin.

Releasing a trapped or injured wild animal is tricky. They want help, but because of fear, they can sometimes lash out against their rescuers. But the way John releases this beautiful wolf is extraordinary. Instead of using catch poles like most people do, he makes use of a piece of plywood. Wait till you see how brilliant it was of him to use that idea!

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Humans often capture animals and use them for entertainment purposes. From jungle-themed parties to circuses, these poor animals have been used for the most ridiculous things. Pancho and Temuco used to be circus performers in Bolivia. These lion brothers were finally found after years of abuse and neglect. But thankfully, Animal Defenders International stepped up right on time and set them free.

Watch this clip below:

After they were rescued, Pancho and Temuco were brought to the ADI sanctuary in the USA. The video below shows them in their new home. You can see how happy they are! Pancho and Temuco play together and they are finally in good hands. They have been through a lot, but they are still so affectionate with each other. It just moves your heart.

Watch this heartwarming clip below. What are your thoughts about this? Don’t forget to share them with us in the comments!

Many animals have suffered at the hands of human beings. We can be really cruel sometimes, can’t we? We have exploited animals for the most inane things. From cutting out their organs in the name of traditional medicine to hunting them for sports and capturing them for entertainment – we have put our animal friends through a lot.

The poor bear featured in the clip was one of these abused animals. She is called Cholita and she is a spectacled bear. Her previous owners were really cruel to her. They even severed her fingers and mutilated her. She was so stressed that she lost all of her fur. But that’s when the ADI team came to her rescue. She was treated and she slowly started recovering. I am happy that she is finally in good hands.

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Visitors at the Budapest Zoo were enjoying a fine day when they had the opportunity to witness something unbelievable. A killer bear was roaming around his enclosure when he spotted a crow emerging from behind a rock in the water. It is assumed that the bird must have flown down in order to quench his thirst from the water in the bear’s habitat.

But sadly, the poor thing started drowning. He tried to stay afloat, but nothing seemed to work. That’s when the bear jumped into action. Many viewers expected him to attack the helpless creature, but what the bear did next left them in shock. After he noticed the bird in danger, the bear reached into the water and pulled the crow out of the water and onto safe land.

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People have a habit of judging others by their looks. It is often said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But nobody seems to listen. We time and again, hear cases about how a person was bullied, or an animal neglected for their unique look. The cat in the video had to go through something similar. He was overlooked most of the times, but one day his savior appeared in the form of a man.

Monty has a different looking face because of a strange deformation. But this doesn’t hinder his capability of showing affection towards humans. Every day, when his owner goes to sleep, Monty shows him all the love that he can gather from his tiny body. It feels good to know that this affectionate cat finally got a loving home.

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Police officers do their best to protect and serve the citizens of their nation. Over the years, they have rescued many of us from danger – even when they were off duty. They have helped everyone from little kids to old grandparents. They have even rescued animals from some horrible situations as well.

And as this video shows, sometimes they have to help wild creatures too. Two officers from the Kansas City area managed to help get a deer back to safety. The confused deer had gotten itself stuck on a bridge during a thunderstorm. The police officers drove up to the bridge and their dashboard camera recorded everything that happened next. The deer was frightened and couldn’t stand up on the road by herself. She even launched herself into a concrete barrier to jump over it. Luckily, the cops arrived right on time to aid her.

Watch the video below:

Floods are devastating. They not only put people’s lives in danger, but they also have the ability to destroy millions worth of property in just mere seconds. Innocent animals are not exempt from their wrath either. Sometimes when natural calamities strike, humans often tend to forget about their animal friends due to fear. And sadly, after they return to make sure they are safe, it’s too late.

Farm animals have it even harder since they are comparatively bigger. Many of them are usually abandoned to fend for themselves, and as a result, they don’t make it.


Animal Heaven Animal Rescue (AHAR) received a call from a donkey’s owner after Storm Desmond. His donkey had escaped and had gotten himself stranded in floodwaters outside the town.



The water level was rising quickly and the rescuers knew that one wrong move could carry the donkey away from them. The poor thing might have ended up losing his life because of a tiny mistake. The rescuers knew that they needed help, so they tried to gather people by posting about it on Facebook. Mike Fleming of the Killorglin Rowing Club stepped in to help.



Along with another local man, Mike and Suzanne from AHAR set off in a boat down River Laune to find the donkey. The poor thing was trapped by the flood on all sides, but with the aid of a ring buoy, they were able to pull him to safety.


Look at the smile on that adorable donkey’s face after he got rescued! It’s the cutest!

Watch the story below:

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