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The video below features the story of 98 year old woman called Minnie Graham. She spent the last years of her life at a nursing home in Garland, Texas. One day she informed her family that the staff at the home was mistreating her. According to the 98-year-old great-great-grandmother, the female hospice worker assigned to her was very cruel.

Then the family began noticing the bruises and the black eyes. So her family wanted answers. The hospice workers told her folks that she had somehow fallen out of her wheelchair and suffered those sudden injuries. But her granddaughters didn’t believe them. Minnie’s family then set up a hidden camera in her room. What the camera revealed horrified them to their core. Minnie has passed away, but her family uncovered the truth before her demise. Wait till you see this!

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Many animals are abandoned every day in the world. Some of them get rescued before its too late, but some of them aren’t very lucky in that regard. The dog in the video below was put up for euthanasia because he was deemed to be in a condition that made him “unadoptable” to the public. Thankfully, a local rescue group ran to his aid, moments before he was about to be killed.

Rudy was found last year on Christmas. He was neglected and abused most of his life. It was clear that he had been beaten. He was sick and frightened of everything, and his hip was destroyed because of all the mistreatment he went through. But he got a second chance at life when he got rescued from the killing shelter. The video below collected lots of donations thanks to which Rudy got a total hip replacement. His medical foster parents have decided to adopt him permanently. He also has six other siblings to play with now!

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Many people think that animals don’t have any emotions. But that is not true at all. We have seen many examples before and the video below provides further proof that our animal friends do have feelings like us humans.

34 year old cowboy, Wagner Lima, from Paraiba, Brazil, died in a motorcycle accident this New Year. He was well-loved in his community and his death was hard for everyone, including his horse, Sereno. Sereno and Lima were best buds and were always seen together. According to Lima’s brother, Wando, “This horse was everything to him. It was as if the horse knew what was happening and wanted to say goodbye.” When the vehicle carrying Lima’s coffin arrived at the gathering, his horse somehow seemed to know he was in there. Sereno smelled around the casket and laid his head on top. He is said to have whimpered during the procession to the cemetery.

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Meet Sally. This beautiful goldfish is already 23 years old. This makes her 161 years old in dog years. She used to be an active fish, but effects of her old age have started to show themselves lately. Sally struggled to stay afloat and swim around for a few months. This not only hurt her, but also her owner as well.

Her owner’s boyfriend, Aidan, says it was heartbreaking to watch the little thing struggle. But instead of not doing anything, Aidan decided to help Sally out. He made a flotation device to help the tiny fish regain her buoyancy. He wrote in the description, “For the past few months she was stuck on the bottom of her tank. It was heartbreaking. So I made her a little lifejacket and now she’s killing it!”

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Many animals are euthanized because of the conditions they are born with. Casper was going to be one of them. This pure white Siberian husky puppy was born with swimmer syndrome, a condition that makes it almost impossible for a dog to walk or even stand. He came from a breeder who did not know how to care for his condition and was mere moments away from being put down.

Thankfully, that’s when Coastal German Shepherd Rescue decided to take charge and rescue him. They contacted an animal therapist and acuscope biotechnician called Gina. She brought him to a vet who suggested they should euthanize him. But Gina took the pooch home and started treatment herself. He was moving around by day 5 and he was able to run around like a normal puppy by day 10. Casper was adopted shortly after by a young man.

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Deepak Paswan’s mother underwent a complicated surgery when he was born. The woman from Bihar, India, thought she was having twins, but later she found out that one of the twins was too underdeveloped to make it through the pregnancy. Deepak, the surviving twin, had to bear the burden of his parasitic twin. Extra legs and arms of his would-be sibling protruded from his stomach.

Deepak carried his twin for the first seven years of his life. This made him look like he had four extra limbs. He was often teased by terrible names like “devil” and “freak.” He was even given the nickname of the “Eight-Limbed Boy.” Deepak’s family was too poor to get him a surgery. However in June 2010, doctors at the Fortis Hospital Bangalore decided to operate on him for free. Life is slowly becoming normal for Deepak. He says, “I can run faster than my two elder brothers — before I could never keep up. I really like my new body. It’s much more fun. I am very happy.”

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Valia Orfanidou received a call about an abandoned dog one day. The poor thing was tied to a tree and was in need of immediate help. Valia rescues animals from unsafe and risky conditions in Athens, Greece. But even she was shocked when she saw Tool.

This pooch was found abandoned in the mountains. He was tied to a tree so that he could not follow his owner. He was in a very bad state when Valia found him. He was confused, frail, and emaciated. But thankfully, he had a microchip on him. Valia found out that Tool had been given to a new owner, a hunter. The cruel guy left him alone after he formed a limp and was no use during his hunting trips. The dog was adopted very quickly after his rescue. He lives happily with his owner, Lone.

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In many parts of rural Ethiopia, women live in constant danger of being abducted, raped, or forced into marriages. Almost 70% of marriages in the country are forced by abduction. Kidnapping young girls has been a deep-rooted marriage “custom”. This is usually experienced in rural and poverty-stricken areas where most of the nation’s 71 million people reside.

A 12 year old kid was abducted and beaten by seven men in the name of marriage. She had been missing for an entire week and her family was really anxious and worried. The cops were searching for her, but they couldn’t find anything. That’s when the story takes an unbelievable turn. Three wild lions decided to take charge and save the young girl themselves.


When the officers found her on the outskirts of a place called Bita Genet, they saw that she was beaten and hurt. She was also being protected by three big lions and are also believed to have chased off her captors.
Sgt. Wodnimu Wedajo of the police force says that “They stood guard until we found her and then they just left her like a gift and went back into the forest.”


According to wildlife expert, Stuart Williams, the little girl’s crying might have saved her life.

“A young girl whimpering could be mistaken for the mewing sound from a lion cub, which in turn could explain why they didn’t eat her.”


The town thinks that this incident is a miracle.

“Everyone thinks this is some kind of miracle, because normally the lions would attack people.

This might have been divine intervention or just coincidence, but it surely is very fascinating. The police found four of the men involved in the crime, while the others are still being hunted.

( h/t: NBC News )

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Dogs are some of the most amazing creatures on earth. They are affectionate, faithful, and have rightfully earned the title of man’s best friend. They love befriending almost everyone they meet. They have so much love to share, don’t they? It is often said that a dog loves you more than he loves himself. So when they part from their loved ones, they tend to go through sorrow and grief like we do.

A soldier was killed in the line of duty. In his memory, his loving family decided to adopt the dog that had been by his side during those final days in Iraq. But the family got a chance to witness something magical one day. They weren’t expecting anything like it. That is why they believed their son was sending them a sign. Wait till you see what they saw!

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Tim Conway is one of the most recognizable faces in the history of television. He was one of the stars of The Carol Burnett Show, one of the most successful comedies on the small screen. He might be a legend now, but he had really humble beginnings. In the following interview with Conan O’Brien, you can see how he hadn’t let the fame get to his head.

Conway was talking about his past days, when Conan asked him about one particular skit from the show. It was about a clumsy dentist who had accidentally injected himself with Novocain. Conway said that it was based on a true story from his days in the military. But he revealed an even more surprising story, about how his co-star wet himself while filming this scene!

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A mother loves her kids with all her heart. She can do almost anything in order to keep her children safe. If she finds out her little ones are in trouble, she doesn’t hesitate to turn the world upside down for them. They are known to put even their own lives at risk for their kids’ safety. For instance, the amazing mom featured below!

This fearless mama cat didn’t wait for the firefighters to help her when the house she was living in caught fire. She hurried inside to save her litter herself. She ran to and fro five times through the flames. Her fur was singed and her eyes were blistered shut, but she managed to save her kittens all by herself. Her family got treatment from the vet and all of them are recovering well.

Take a look at this touching photo:


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Dogs are social animals. They love befriending everyone! That is why they need constant interaction with humans and other animals. But sadly, the dog in the video below lived in isolation for 10 long years. To make matters worse, her owners gave her nothing but dirty water and food. She had no blankets, toys, or even a bone.

She had no roof over her head. She had to endure harsh weathers out in the open. Her owners were even caught urinating on her from the porch. The British Columbia SPCA were informed about her condition since the past ten years, but they didn’t do anything to help her. That’s when Animal Advocates of British Columbia stepped in to rescue the poor thing. She had matted fur, was covered in feces and urine, and could barely walk because of her aching hips. They gave her medical treatment and helped change her life. She has now been adopted by a loving family.

Watch her story below:

When this couple was walking down a road, they saw a cat sitting alone in the snow. His whiskers were frozen and the poor thing wasn’t really moving. So they went closer to find out what the problem was. They came to realize that not only were his whiskers frozen, but his entire body was iced up. He was frozen into a puddle and this made him incapable of moving around.

They immediately rushed to help the poor cat instead of leaving him alone. If they had abandoned him, he would surely have died of hypothermia. When they tried to lift the cat up, they noticed that his paws were frozen. The scared cat was patient as he let them do whatever they could to save him. The couple then got a bucket of warm water and poured it over his legs. After he was unstuck, they wrapped him in a coat in hopes of warming him up. Let’s hope he makes a quick recovery!

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The adorable pug featured in the video below is named Bella. When she broke her elbow one day, her family took her to a veterinarian and he managed to fix it. But he told them to keep her confined, keeping the pressure/weight off that limb. However, the family didn’t follow his instructions for some reason and Bella ended up breaking her elbow again. Sometime later, her other elbow broke too, so the vet decided to keep her at the hospital to give her a chance to heal properly.

Sadly, it was revealed that the elbows were irreparably damaged. Bella needed a double amputation, but her family didn’t give their consent. They didn’t relinquish Bella to the hospital either. Despite being in the hospital for nine months, the veterinarians could do nothing for Bella because they didn’t have permission to work on her. But a lot has changed since then in this six year old pooch’s life.

Watch the video below to find out:

There are many different kinds of people on our planet. Some of them are really wonderful, while others are quite similar to monsters rather than humans. It was one of these people that dumped a newborn baby on the unforgiving streets of Oman.

A stray dog came across the poor baby while searching for food. Because he was so hungry, he picked up the baby. Since the infant still had the umbilical cord attached to its body, it was assumed that it was just a few hours old.


He was hungry, but he didn’t pick up the baby in order to eat it. The dog actually wanted to help the newborn and get it out of the streets and into the safety of a home. He carried the infant to the closest house and then he started barking to get attention.


The family living in the house opened their door when they heard loud barks from their porch. When they saw what the dog had brought along with him, they were in shock. They wasted no time and took the baby to the hospital. Thanks to their help and the dog’s loving heart, the baby survived. The dog played a huge role in the newborn’s rescue.

Many people tend to mistreat strays. They are neglected and abused for the stupidest reasons. But this dog shows us that they deserve nothing but love from us. What a hero!

( h/t: Pets Fans )

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Dogs are some of the most playful creatures on the planet. That is why, when they can’t run around and have fun with their counterparts, they can feel sad and dejected. This is the story about one such dog. Because of wobbly syndrome, Kolima had a hard time even standing. This condition is related to the spine and it gives Kolima a shaky and painful gait. No one wanted to hang out with her. But that’s when a loving six year old donkey called Paolo stepped in to take care of her and give her company.

Watch the video below!

Kolima is very happy when she is around Paolo. The two roll around in hay and cuddle together without a care in the world. Paolo’s friendship changed Kolima’s life for the better! I am sure their bond will grow even stronger with time!

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There are more than 200 different conditions that can cause dwarfism. It is a medical condition that stops your growth and it can affect your torso and also your limbs. It is not only common in human beings, but it can happen to animals as well. Just take for instance the cute little miniature horse featured in the following clip.

This lap-sized horse is three years old and he is named Acer. Dwarfism has caused him to be only 22 inches in height – which is very small for an animal that is normally around two feet tall. But Acer is not discouraged by his stature at all. In fact, his dwarfism has allowed him have experiences his larger counterparts never could! Wait till you hear his story!

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Humans often capture animals and use them for entertainment purposes. From jungle-themed parties to circuses, these poor animals have been used for the most ridiculous things. Pancho and Temuco used to be circus performers in Bolivia. These lion brothers were finally found after years of abuse and neglect. But thankfully, Animal Defenders International stepped up right on time and set them free.

Watch this clip below:

After they were rescued, Pancho and Temuco were brought to the ADI sanctuary in the USA. The video below shows them in their new home. You can see how happy they are! Pancho and Temuco play together and they are finally in good hands. They have been through a lot, but they are still so affectionate with each other. It just moves your heart.

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