Poor Owl Was Tangled In A Fishing Line. But What THIS Man Did To Free Him? OMG This Is INSANE!


You never know what you might encounter in nature. The men in the following video had spotted an owl in the middle of a river. The poor thing was hopelessly stuck in a fishing line. His wings were totally tangles, and he had no hope unless somebody waded into the waters to free him. Thankfully, a kind man volunteered to help him.

The man slowly went towards the owl. It was important that he make no sudden moves, as he didn’t want to startle the bird and get him more entangled into the fishing line. The man performed the entire thing delicately. The bird was very cooperative as well. He didn’t flinch much, as though he knew he was being helped. Once they reached dry land, the bird said his thanks and went his way.

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