Cowboy Died In An Accident. But Wait Till You See What Happens When His Horse Sees His Casket

Many people think that animals don’t have any emotions. But that is not true at all. We have seen many examples before and the video below provides further proof that our animal friends do have feelings like us humans.

34 year old cowboy, Wagner Lima, from Paraiba, Brazil, died in a motorcycle accident this New Year. He was well-loved in his community and his death was hard for everyone, including his horse, Sereno. Sereno and Lima were best buds and were always seen together. According to Lima’s brother, Wando, “This horse was everything to him. It was as if the horse knew what was happening and wanted to say goodbye.” When the vehicle carrying Lima’s coffin arrived at the gathering, his horse somehow seemed to know he was in there. Sereno smelled around the casket and laid his head on top. He is said to have whimpered during the procession to the cemetery.

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